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Molluscum Contagiosum Testimonials

Hi, I just wanted to express my gratitude to the skin recovery cream, and it's amazing aid in healing my sons molloscum contagiosum. My son is 4 and within a short amount of time was covered from his thigh to his neck with molloscum. It stressed him immensely as he is also autistic and struggled with the condition as it really disrupts someone with sensory issues. After trying everything the drs recommended and even trying to freeze them I was at a loss and it willing to accept the possible year long condition. I researched and came across this cream and knew I had to try it. Within two weeks my sons condition had nearly completely cleared! I am so unbelievably grateful and amazed by this cream I want to spread the word as much as I can. I told our midwife clinic about it and to pass on recommendations to other sufferers they may come across. My eldest son has since caught it and we are treating him with success, so I needed to say a huge thank you, and we will always continue to stock your products. Sincerely, mother of 5 and a nurse myself.

J. H. Australia. 30 July, 2017*

I just do not know where to begin & how to thank you for your amazing product!!!! 
I know you probably hear this all the time but I am astounded at the amazing results we have had using wheatgrass skin recovery. 
From left to right is before we started. Middle is day 12. And right is today, day 16!
That's right, 16 days!!!! Unbelievable.

The dermatologist we saw diagnosed my daughter with molloscum contagiousum. And said just ride it out, when they get red / swollen / pussy... pop them. Can u imagine how that went with a 6 year old. 
9 months we have been dealing with this & getting nowhere. And in 16 days, they are actually disappearing before our eyes. 
Thank you so very much. I am also a nurse, and will be telling my local GP's, who I work with, about your amazing product.

K.S. Australia. 20 May, 2017*

My GP recommended your product via a patient. I am amazed and thrilled with the result!!  
My 11 year old has has had molluscum for about a year. It was getting really bad and in the end we had to put her on antibiotics. These did nothing so we went back to the doctor and she recommended your product. Less than a week later the angry dots are gone and the redness faded. Amazing. Thank you. Feel free to use this as a testimonial.

Cath. New Zealand. 17 May, 2017

Just wanting you to know that the wheatgrass spray we purchased from you has worked! It is amazing. Our 10 year old daughter had what I would describe as fairly serious molluscum contagiosum. We were at our wits end having been told by our GP that there was no medical treatment and that it basically had to run its course – 18 months or so. Some suggestions were to pop the spot and try to squeeze out the white head, I guess a bit like a pimple. This was extremely painful for our daughter and in our opinion it lead to further spreading, no matter how sterile and hygienic we were. We researched and tried many other products, including Epsom salts & ZymaDerm from the USA but the virus just got worse.
Look, to anyone reading this, I would encourage you to try the wheatgrass spray, once in the morning & once at night. And stick with it. We actually noticed an improvement within just a few days, but you have to keep up the treatment 2 x per day. I just got the biggest cuddle from my daughter as we had a final look over her body and found the spots are all gone! We beat it, and truly with the help of wheatgrass.
All the best and regards.
S. C. New Zealand. 27 April, 2017*

I just want to say Thank You so much!!! My little boy caught molluscum contagiosum and after several GPs telling me that there was nothing I can do, I started to research it some more. I did not want to except there was nothing to be done and possibly get worse. I found your website and bought your spray and cream thinking I had nothing to lose. I began to use them twice a day, plus no baths, new fresh towel and clothing, singlets and pjs every single day. I knew it would take a few weeks to notice a change so persevered. At 2 weeks I noticed the lesions get angry and red and even spread more as it fought back against the wheat grass. But then they slowly came down. Once the white head came to the surface I would use wipes and pop the puss and pull it and spray them. This helped them go in 2 days. I went back to my GP after 6 weeks when tbey were completely gone to show him as he said he sees hundreds of cases a year. He bought a few sprays to put families and do a trial. Love your product and can't recommend highly enough. Thank you for giving me hope and an option to help my little boy.

G. C.Australia. 31 March, 2017*

Dear Sir, In 2015 around January my 2 year old son showed symptoms of mulluscum so i took him to the doctor..As usual story doctor told me to wait and it will heal by itself..Obviously it did not so i started to search for a treatment..i found your website and bought the skin recovery spray in August, and the result was perfect..I used it twice a day, my son had about 70 of them and they all healed in about a month! Then i recommend it to a friend of mine (she actually is a pediatrician) whose daughter was suffering from the same problem and again excellent result! Many thanks to Dr. Chris; great work! 

I. A. Turkey. 24 February, 2016*

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