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First Aid

Hi Dr Chris. Yesterday I cut my finger with steak knife and sharp pain and blood came out (as expected..).But I was lucky I had Dr Wheatgrass spray in my kitchen counter and I sprayed my blood away off my finger and it was instant, stopped pain and stopped bleeding. That reminded me of your tattoo video ( that spray stopped bleeding during tattooing) Really, it is amazing. We have wheatgrass spray in our Bathroom for after shave for my husband but now we keep another one in kitchen. I wish someone was filming me during this accident but the result was so instant that by the time I called out for my husband to come down to the kitchen, there was no blood and no pain!!! Thank you Dr Wheatgrass.

Y. K. Australia. 23 May, 2014*

The other night we went out. While reaching into my wardrobe as I was getting dressed, I somehow pulled something in my arm. I had an immediate sharp pain in my elbow. No matter how I moved my arm, I could not get rid of the pain. It was as though something went out of joint and would not go back. The whole evening my arm was so sore I could hardly use it. It is the first time I had something like that happen. Anyway, once we got home, I decided to rub some Superbalm into my arm. I sat down to watch some TV and suddenly after about ten minutes I realised that the pain in my arm was gone. It was as if it was never there. It was quite amazing.

N. L. South Africa. 18 February, 2014*

We've had several years of experience using your wheatgrass products. It's the thing that we most often reach for in the first aid box. My husband recently burnt the back of his hand on a hot starter motor. A huge blister started to appear - cold water treatment and wheatgrass cream were applied and the following day there wasn't even a blister. I have had numerous wasp stings and the cream almost instantly relieves the intense pain and also reduces swelling. We've used it for the relief of strained muscles, sunburn, mouth ulcers and in fact just about any pain you can think of. It's something I would never want to be without. We keep it in the workshop, house, car glovebox and handbag, and even take it camping with us. The biggest problem is remembering that it is so useful and to use it! If in doubt, try it out. Thanks for such a practical product.

L. S. Australia. 15 May, 2008

I used the Skin Recovery Spray on myself after my horse pushed me over on a stoney piece of our drive and I grazed down my arm with some deep gouges.  It was all I had close to hand so I used it to flush the wound.  Worked fantastically, I only covered it for two days and 10days later the scabs have gone and the skin is pink and healthy and level in the gouges and the rest looks like normal!!  I'm definately getting some for the 1st aid kit - thank you.

G. H. New Zealand. 22 November, 2011*

I have used your products for nearly 7 years now and have never been disappointed. Primarily I use the shots and recovery cream.
However, I am writing to you about the superbalm.
I am travelling at the moment and yesterday I hit my knee on a museum exhibit. Very, very hard and it was hard to walk. I iced it, which helped a little, but as I was going to bed I remembered I had a sample of the superbalm in my toiletries. I had read testimonials about using this for injuries. Desperate, I applied it and went to bed.
When I got up in the morning, I initially forgot I had hurt my leg until my husband asked how I was feeling. To be honest, I was a bit sceptical how a cream could help, but I have to eat my words now as it's pretty much healed. Amazing! Thank you, thank you!

J. W. Singapore. 16 October, 2014*

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