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Eczema, Topical Steroid Withdrawal Testimonials

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I've suffered with severe eczema on both my legs for a couple of years. I couldn't wear shorts nor skirts due the outbreaks were so bad and embarrassing. Been to dermatologist many times for help. The prescription steroid cream didn't do much for me and the next treatment would be taking Prednisone, which I refused. A friend recommended I give this a try, along with making some changes after some research online. I changed my body wash to Aveeno's skin relief fragrance free body wash with luke warm shower, pat dry skin, spray this Dr Wheatgrass on and add the Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Ointment Body Spray, and massage them in. Once in the morning and once at night. By the 2nd day, my eczema starts to clear. By the 3rd day, dry skin from the eczema patches starts flaking off. Now, it's my second week using it, my legs are COMPLETELY CLEAR!!! No new inflammation, no itching, no dryness. I will definitely continue using this and would recommend this to anyone with skin issues. 

P. USA. Amazon Customer 13 March, 2018

This product has been a miracle for my Red Skin Syndrome (autoimmune -- basically extreme eczema). And reading Dr. Wheatgrasses articles about using this product for RSS have been life changing for me! I still battle with my eczema and RSS but this is the only product that I can use regularly to get relief and help my skin repair. This was my results after an RSS flair. A little less than a months time between the photos. I balance it all with an extremely clean diet...but I do give this product and Dr. Wheatgrass' methods a ton of credit!      

J.M. 4 October, 2017

Hello Dr. Chris
I’m writing this email to update you on my child’s progress. A big thank you to you and Dr. Hegde for suggesting me to use the wheatgrass spray :-)
After following your advise and using the wheatgrass spray my little one scratches very rarely now and his skin has started to return to its normal state (the redness and thickening of the skin has almost reduced). I will continue to follow the same procedure till his skin regains its normal state. Thanks again!

K.B. UK. 24 August, 2017

I been suffering with tsw for a year and this is a miracle I love it so much it's changed my life I recomend look at there website for for information stories like mine all i got to say is that my thankful for wheatgrass my skin is almost back to Normal take note that tho it might take 12 months to fully recover with the few early months you can see improvement but little by little but it's worth it h At the end trust me think about it this way your skin is like a desert right now it's like dead for your skin to function again you need to take e 12 months just is you were born again like if you were a baby it takes like 7 months for a new born to grow right the same with your skin 7 to 8 months am no doc but around there then when a baby is born there skin is very sensitive just like you then within a few more months there skin heales gets strong it just makes since I hope you can understand it that eat your skin need time to recover just keep using wheat grass spary every day don't give up any questions I will answer them I love drwheatgrass I would recommend using also the supershots of drwheatgrass because it texoites the body from inside since steroid creams go into the body

J. P. 9 April, 2017 Thanks to Amazon USA

This is the only thing I have found that works on my daughters eczema. The back of her hands and wrists have been like hard, 
scratchy sandpaper for a couple of years now. It gets worse in the winter. I'm so glad I decided to give this a try! Within a few days of applying twice a day, her wrists are as soft as mine. They are finally Norma!

S. W. 19 February, 2017 Thanks to Amazon USA

Hi I just wanted to let you know that I have been using the skin recovery cream for 1 week and my hand feel 100% compared to what they were. Since having my baby girl 8 months ago I have been suffering from severe dermatitis on my hand to point where they were opening up and bleeding. My hands hurt to even pick something up. I relief instantly with the cream and the results have been amazing. I have tried everything product there was and then the pharmacist suggested to try Dr Wheatgrass absolute lifesaver. I'm so blown away by the results. Can't Thankyou enough for having this product available.

S. C. Australia. 21 November, 2016*

I noticed a difference on the eczema I have 3 days after using this. Will buy again
ray 27 April, 2016 Thanks to Amazon USA

Just wanted to let you all know how much your product helped me get through my struggle through Topical Steroid Withdrawal. 
First of all, thank you for recognising it as a real condition! After going through a traumatic two months of going cold turkey and dealing with doctors who would not take me seriously even though I looked and felt like a sun burnt zombie it was so encouraging to finally find a product that is recommended for treating TSW.

Anyway, after using the wheatgrass cream alongside weaning off the topical steroids it probably took me a total of 4-5months to get to a point where my skin was functioning with nothing at all and the plus side was that during this time I was able to go about my life as normal compared to an agonising two or three years I could have faced if I continued cold turkey, so thank you!!

Also I found it really helpful that you explained the science behind how TSW works and how wheat grass can help. Such a good product!
I hope that you can help many more people in desperate situations and maybe soon TSW will be a recognised condition and steroids will stop being so easily dished out! 

All good things, 

Olivia. New Zealand. 10 February, 2015*

Hello Dr. Chris, Thank you for all of your advice regarding my skin recovery. The wheatgrass has really helped to calm my skin and it appears to be getting stronger. It's been a long road but the wheatgrass has been a miracle for me.

R. D. Australia. 7 December, 2014*

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