Through various scientific and clinical studies and my own modest contribution, we know of many healing properties of wheatgrass. After all, it must be one of the most useful and effective home remedies available and is a boon to any health practitioner who is prepared to try it.

But, even though it has been extensively analysed and studied, we don't yet know how or why it works so well. The Grass Juice Factor was first discovered in the 1930’s. Although its substantially positive effects on growth and fertility were recognized at the time, the molecule or molecules responsible have never been identified.

Cereal grass has been shown to stimulate the release of human growth hormone and prolactin from anterior pituitary cells in laboratory animals. The pituitary is the gland at the base of the brain that controls the body's hormonal system. This influences growth and numerous other physiological and biochemical functions of the body. It also has powerful antioxidant effects.

Human growth hormone stimulates growth factors that are responsible for numerous physiological and immunological processes in humans and animals. For example:

All of the above effects have been observed and recorded by medical scientists and practitioners. My own research and broad clinical experience using a wheatgrass extract suggests the presence of multiple growth factor activity such as Insulin-like Growth Factor 1, (demonstrates many of the effects mentioned above), Fibrocyte Growth Factor (wound healing) and Hemangiopoietin Growth Factor (stimulates bone marrow blood-producing activity and new blood vessel growth).

In other words, it appears the Grass Juice Factor is more likely a group of biologically active precursors (chemical compounds that lead to other, usually more stable products) rather than a single molecule. These precursors may in some way stimulate various growth factors (there are many), which could in turn explain why wheatgrass has such a broad spectrum of activity.

The point is that although one can't ignore the nutritional benefits of wheatgrass, I strongly believe that the most important elements in wheatgrass are the small, as yet unidentified biologically active molecules that give you, me and millions of others who take wheatgrass daily, continuing good health.

The wheatgrass extract I use contains lower concentrations of nutritional elements, but it still works. For example, take the “rush” that many people get immediately they take wheatgrass. This also occurs with the extract. One would not expect a nutrient to work that quickly, so there has to be some other biological active(s) responsible. I believe it is the rapid absorption of these biological actives through the mucous membrane in the mouth that, because they enter the bloodstream almost instantaneously, there is a rapid boost to the body’s immunity and ultimately many other benefits. That's why you need to hold wheatgrass in whatever form in your mouth for a minute or two to obtain maximum benefit.

Wheatgrass - food for thought as well as for a healthy body.

Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.

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