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Dr. Chris' Articles on Wheatgrass Healing

»» Wheatgrass for various conditions
»» Dr. Chris' contributions to the science of wheatgrass therapy
»» Wheatgrass testimonials by condition


 Wheatgrass therapy and the Grass Juice Factor
 How I started using wheatgrass
 Wheatgrass extract and second degree burns
 Burns. Wheatgrass works wonders. 
 Steroid-dependent eczema
 Wheatgrass and quality of life
 Eczema, auto-immunity and wheatgrass
 Wheatgrass, Immunity and Auto-immunity 
 A day in the life of Dr. Chris - Abrasions, fractures, steroid-damaged skin, molluscum contagiosum
 Plantar fasciitis, anal fissure, otitis (earache)
 Trauma, herpes zoster (shingles)
 Steroid-dependent eczema - Bits & pieces
 Thalassemia, asthma
 Chlorophyll - healer or humbug?
 Crohn's Disease & The Return of Wheatgrass Healing
 Wheatgrass healing - a brief scientific review
 Thalassemia: Wheatgrass Shows Promise As An Effective Inducer Of Fetal Hemoglobin
 Thalassemia - more good news. Healing a chronic wound
 Thalassemia - Chlorophyll and medical research
 It does not have to be green to be good for you
 Wheatgrass, growth factors and the Grass Juice Factor
 Erectile dysfunction - Molluscum and open heart surgery 
 Wheatgrass heals ailing skin graft
 Wheatgrass and cancer: a short essay
 Wheatgrass - too good to be true?
 Sports-related injuries - Achilles tendinitis
 Wheatgrass extract contains higher antioxidant levels than fresh juice
 Chlorophyll: Is it a scientific red (green) herring? 
 Multiple sclerosis (MS) 
 Sports injuries. Forget the ice, use wheatgrass
 Breast cancer, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and wheatgrass
 Leukemia and wheatgrass
 Non-healing leprosy ulcers. Wheatgrass makes a difference
 Muscle cramps prevented & relieved with wheatgrass
 Wheatgrass for aches and pains of ageing
 Sometimes, inflammation is a good thing 
 Grass Juice Factor - An unsolved medical mystery (by Dr. Michael Sapko. M.D. Ph.D.)
 Wheatgrass for ulcerative colitis

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