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Phone orders within Australia: 0415 099 897

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Frequently Asked Questions

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1Who is Dr Wheatgrass?Multiple
2Where can I buy Dr Wheatgrass products?Dr Wheatgrass Products
3What is in Dr Wheatgrass Supershots?Dr Wheatgrass Supershots
4What is thalassaemia and what can wheatgrass do for the condition?Multiple
5Is Dr Wheatgrass supporting medical research?Multiple
6Can you take too much wheatgrass?Dr Wheatgrass Supershots
7How do Dr Wheatgrass Supershots differ from fresh wheatgrass juice?Multiple
8Please provide a brief history of wheatgrass healing.Multiple
9How much wheatgrass or Supershots should I take each day?Multiple
10I have an allergy to wheat, is wheatgrass safe for me to use?Multiple
11What research is available on the therapeutic effects of wheatgrass?Research
12How is wheatgrass extract made?Multiple
13Doesn’t wheatgrass have to be consumed fresh in order to maximise its nutritional benefits?Multiple
14Who can benefit from consuming Dr Wheatgrass Supershots?Multiple
15Why aren't Supershots green?Multiple

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